Shahrukh: I am in a lot of pain

Shahrukh Khan is preparing for yet another surgery. This time around, it’s for his shoulder. which he hurt while shooting in December last year. The actor has previously been operated upon for his back and his knees.

Shahrukh had hurt his shoulder during an action scene during the shoot Dulha Mil Gaya at Mehboob Studios. He was undergoing physiotherapy sessions at Nanavati hospital before leaving for Los Angeles for the shooting of My Name Is Khan. Doctors had advised surgery for his shoulder even before he left the country but he didn’t want to delay Karan Johar’s schedule, so he didn’t go ahead with it.

The injury got aggravated during the shoot but he completed the schedule and now the pain is worse, and he cannot push the surgery ahead anymore. But now the actor is facing another dilemma. Red Chillies’ Billu Barber is releasing in February, and the actor always keeps aside two weeks for aggressive promotion of his films. The source adds, “Now he has to decide whether to go for the surgery before or after the release. Anyway the amount of pain he is in, won’t permit him to promote his film, the way he wants to.”

SRK has had his previous surgeries done in London but this time he is not sure if he will travel out of the country. He says, “I am in a lot of pain. I may do the surgery in India I haven’t decided that as yet.” He also confirms that he has delayed his surgery by nearly a month to complete the LA schedule of My Name Is Khan, “I wanted to finish shooting for MNIK and also wait for the release of Billu Barber (February 13).

But surgery is imminent, so I may have to go in for the operation before the film releases, which is sad… Though I do wish I could have it post-13th, I may have to do it earlier. The doctors feel that it should be done immediately, so I am not sure.”

Though Shahrukh has been left almost immobile because of the pain, he refuses to give in to it, “I have torn my tendons and it hurts only when I laugh. Insha Allah, all will be well post-surgery after a couple of months of immobility. Right now, it’s very painful to shoot or even move around but I have a few promises and commitments to keep.”

While running for an action scene in Mudassar Aziz’s Dulha Mil Gaya, SRK fell hard on his arm. He didn’t make a big deal of it then, or even tell producer Viveck Vaswani about his pain. He sought medical attention only after he finished shooting for the day.

~ by Yourwebseo on February 3, 2009.

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