Akshay left his Popular Choice Award for Aamir Khan

It is rare to find actors praising each other and one actor dedicating and leaving behind his award for another actor is something that hasn’t happened before. Akshay Kumar did just that: He left his award behind for Aamir Khan who is known to shun award ceremonies.

Akshay Kumar won the Popular Choice Award for Best Actor for his hilarious performance in Singh is Kinng. Akshay has won in the villain and comic role categories but he has not won an award for Best Actor before. This award which is decided by fans and not a jury was his first Best Actor trophy.

Akshay went up on stage to receive his award from Rekha and after he thanked everyone, he said, “I really love Bollywood. As I stand here holding my dream in my hand, I want to tell you something. A few days back I saw Ghajini and I was bowled over. I saw Singh is Kinng on my way back from London. Obviously I couldn’t help but compare our work. Then I knew without a doubt that this year, the best actor according to me is Mr. Aamir Khan. What that man did for his movie is pure dedication. It is historic. That’s what I feel. I refuse to be the man who pretends to take it away from him. I am not going to take it away from him, not at all. I know this moment is never going to come again in my life but I cannot walk out from here holding something that doesn’t belong to me. I am sure I haven’t offended my people who have voted for me. I am still here striving for your love and support. I hope one day I will bring it back for you. It really hurts me to say it but thank you from all my heart.”

“Aamir this one’s for you mate, I keep it here. It is a shame that one of our greatest actors refuses to come to award nights that are judged by juries but this time Aamir, it is from the people and from me. So this time I request you and it would be an honour if you can take this award. This belongs to you and I would love it if you take it. Thank you very much,” signed off the actor.

Later, Sajid Khan was going around begging people for something and he went to Twinkle. He asked for her husband’s dates for his film Housefull in May and June and Twinkle joked “Ek award tha ab who bhi nahi hai!”

~ by Yourwebseo on January 27, 2009.

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