Shahrukh will attend the Amrita Arora’s wedding…?

Amrita Arora’s wedding (March 2) guestlist consists of the who’s who of the film industry. And yes, Shahrukh Khan is on that list. It will be interesting to see if SRK will attend the wedding festivities that kick off next month. Says a source close to Amrita, “Amrita Arora and her sister Malaika are extremely fond of Shahrukh and Gauri Khan and are regulars at every party at Mannat. The SRK-Salman fight did not affect the equation between the women of the families, who continue to be friends.”

However Sohail and Arbaaz stopped accompanying their wives Seema and Malaika to SRK’s home after King Khan’s jhagda with Sallu. Which is why it seems like the only person from Mannat who will be seen at the Arora shaadi is Gauri. Sources close to King Khan are sceptical about his presence at the wedding, because Amu’s like a member of Salman Khan’s family. Given the equation between the two actors, to avoid unpleasantness, SRK will probably stay away. He wouldn’t want to be on Sallu’s turf, given what happened the last time.

Says the source close to the bride-to-be, “Amu has always held Shahrukh great regard for SRK and she is keen that Shahrukh attend the wedding. Amu personally called to invite him. Apparently, the actor voiced his concern about bumping into Salman and causing a tense situation on her special day.” Amrita plays it safe, “I can’t comment on this. I haven’t yet decided my wedding date, so where’s the question of inviting anyone?”

~ by Yourwebseo on January 24, 2009.

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