Salman has already tied the nuptial knot with Katrina

Bollywood lovebirds Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have always been media’s favourite for various reasons, and Salman has often been quoted expressing his offence against the write-ups about his love life.

But this time, a news piece published in the famous newspaper ‘Saamna’ has infuriated the couple to the core, especially Katrina, as it has published a story which claims that Salman has already tied the nuptial knot with Kat, and the news has been given out by none other than Salman’s father Salim Khan.

In the news piece printed in ‘Saamna’, Salim Khan has disclosed in a write-up that the two stars are married now. ‘Religion is not a bar for family’, he added.

Reacting to the news piece, Katrina said, “This is not acceptable. They can’t make such a mistake about somebody’s life. It’s such a big newspaper, they should be careful about what they are writing. They should issue a clarification if not an apology on what has been published.”

“My manager is speaking to them, as I am working right now, but people must be reading the newspaper everyday, and they should read a clarification tomorrow,” she added.

But ‘Saamna’ has reportedly rejected the news saying it was printed by mistake. A source reveals that as soon as the news was taken up by the other media, editor of ‘Saamna’ apologised saying the news was printed by mistake.

After clarifying the issue with Salman’s family members including Salim Khan and Helen, Katrina said, “I’ve spoken to Salim uncle about it and it’s a genuine misquote since the journalist must have got carried away, so I give him the benefit of doubt. But I believe that they have spoken to my manager and have accepted their mistake.”

When asked about her possible marriage plans with Salman, Katrina said, “There is still time to it, not for another three years at least. I’m very happy with my work right now. It’s only in the hands of God and destiny.”

~ by Yourwebseo on January 24, 2009.

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