Obama is a complete family man like me – Sanjay Dutt

After promising Gandhigiri, actor-turned-politician Sanjay Dutt has found new inspiration in Barack Obama and he wants to model his political career after the new US president.

“Like him, I am quite an outsider and an individual who has gotten over many levels of prejudice. I’d like to think of myself as the regular friendly guy next door who came into politics from the cold,” said Sanjay, expected to contest Lok Sabha elections from Lucknow as a Samajwadi Party candidate.

“Plus, Obama is a complete family man like me. I’d certainly like to pattern my political career on him,” Sanjay told reporters.

He is perhaps the only Bollywood star to have spent time with Obama.

“I met him when he was a senator. I’d marched in an Independence Day rally with him when he was a senator. And we hit it off well. In fact, recently I was called by the UN to be felicitated by Obama’s and (former US president Bill) Clinton’s families. Unfortunately, Obama couldn’t be there,” he said.

Now Sanjay is planning to meet Obama during his next visit to the US.

“As the UN’s ambassador on malnutrition, I’ve to again go to the US shortly. I plan to meet up with Obama,” he said.

Right now Sanjay is taking his “Munnabhai” fame Gandhigiri seriously in real life.

“I haven’t touched alcohol in months. I’ve become a lemon-water man now. I don’t even sneak a drink. If I do, I’ll be back guzzling the beverage. For me it’s always all or none. The only time I drank was Dec 31 and that too just a bit.”

The actor, currently shooting for “Blue”, “Lamhaa” and “Luck”, says his next political move depends on the legal system. He has been convicted for possessing illegal firearms ahead of the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai and is out on bail.

“I’m hopeful I’d be allowed to contest the Lok Sabha elections. They’ve allowed (former cricketer and Bharatiya Janata Party MP) Navjot Singh Sidhu, who’s like my brother, why shouldn’t they give me a chance? He was booked under section 304 of IPC (Indian Penal Code) which amounts to culpable homicide.

“Navjot is a wonderful man. Things happen in life. The honourable court understood that and gave Navjot a chance to serve our people. Why can’t they give me the same chance? My recent track record is very positive. I’m the UN ambassador on malnutrition. It’s a great honour for me and the country.”

~ by Yourwebseo on January 24, 2009.

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