I felt proud to be an Indian – Shahrukh Khan

One week after the Golden Globes and Slumdog Millionaire, Shah Rukh Khan talks to BT about going to LA and walking on stage with lead actress Freida Pinto in hand to present Danny Boyle’s film on Mumbai with the prestigious award.

“It was a historic moment and I felt proud to be an Indian,” said the actor who was introduced as the King of Bollywood and who…yes, had rejected the role in the film that subsequently went to Anil Kapoor!

How different was the Golden Globes from our award shows?
The people are very gracious and are genuinely happy for each other’s success. In India we go to such functions only to collect our own awards and sneak away. There people stayed back and shared the happiness in the get-together.

Were you intimidated by Hollywood’s biggies?
No, I felt confident like always. Given a chance, I would have shown them some Bollywood pelvic movements!

What stopped you?
I don’t know how they would have taken it, they are not familiar with our humour, it would have been a little out of place.

How are Hollywood’s A-listers?
Usually I am very anti-social. But that night I was taken around and it was wonderful to meet everyone. People spoke very graciously about Bollywood. I am naturally shy of women, but when I saw Demi Moore, Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore, Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez, I must say… they are so beautiful! I was introduced to Mark Antony and Dustin Hoffman, too. There was Beyonce and Gerard Butler whom I know from before. Emma Thompson, who I know since the last three years, blew me a flying kiss.

You regret not accepting the role that Anil Kapoor played?
No. I know Danny felt bad about it. But he is such a good human being. And his love for India is something very special. After I saw the film, I thought Anil had done a fabulous job and deserves every bit of the

Other roles that you refused (Lagaan, Munnabhai MBBS and now 3 idiots) went on to make big news…
There shouldn’t be any afterthought once a decision is made. Nobody could have done a better job than Sanjay Dutt in Munnabhai… Yes, I was keen to do Lagaan, but Ashutosh and I didn’t get a producer at that time. I wasn’t into production then. And I didn’t do 3 Idiots which Aamir is doing now. Looks like Aamir was destined to do both the roles. He is brilliant, no doubt. Everything isn’t made for me alone. God has given me enough, I’d better be happy and contented.

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