Emraan Hashmi adds about kissing scenes in Raaz 2

All excited about his upcoming release, Raaz – The Myster Continues, Emraan talks to us about his role in the movie, his fears and the fact that he won’t have any lip locks in the movie.

Emraan tells about his role in Raaz 2, “I play a painter whose name is Prithvi and he can foresee the future of a model Nandita played by Kangana Ranaut. And in my character the audiences will find different grey shades, which surely can be spooky. I’m quite excited that finally I’m the part of a horror film. I had always wished that my debut film should be a horror film but didn’t happen.”

“ Believe it not but I am scared of kisses in the films that I have to do. Also I am scared of the dark so whenever I sleep I always have one dim light on and I am also scared of empty corridors after watching The Shining.”

He adds about kissing scenes in Raaz 2, “I don’t have any kissing scenes and that’s why I’m feeling very relaxed. All the kissing scenes are done by Adhyayan Suman!”

He includes about lean look, “Mohit told me to reduce my weight as it was the requirement of the character and so I gave up on all junk food, switched from aata to nachni rotis and gave up bread completely.”

“I am not much of a fitness freak and hate this six pack – eight pack business. I would like to admit that I am a very lazy person when it comes to body building. But I feel all this is just a fad. It is okay if one has to do for a particular role otherwise its silly to flaunt it every now and then in films.”

~ by Yourwebseo on January 24, 2009.

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