Wishing A Warm Birthday To Imran Khan

There goes a famous saying in Bollywood that ‘A newcomer is a newcomer only till someone buys the first ticket of his film’. Well, this holds absolutely and totally true for the man who is indeed the decade’s most hottest newcomer Imran Khan. Not just that, he also happens to be our today’s Birthday Boy! Till yesterday, he was a rank newcomer, but today, he is nothing short of a phenomenal Superstar!

Being the nephew of the mega star Aamir Khan was ‘merit’ enough for this actor to become the new kid on the horizon. Still, this dude went in for the hard way and ‘earned’ his place under the Bollywood sun, with sheer hard work and determination. He made his presence felt with his debut film Jaane Tu…Yaa Jaane Na, so much that, all the award organizers and organizers are already mentally prepared for the name that will bag the ‘Best Newcomer Of The Year’ award this year! If the impact of his debut film wasn’t enough, Imran followed up his ‘kidnapping’ act with his second film Kidnap, a film that catapulted him into the Big League of extraordinary gentlemen!

Team of Bollywoodonlinenews.com wishes Imran Khan the Heartiest Birthday. May God’s blessings always shines on him.

~ by Yourwebseo on January 14, 2009.

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