Sherlyn Chopra met with a serious accident while shooting

The brazen and outspoken sex pot Sherlyn Chopra is always desperate for attention. The buzz is that she’s got a chance to make news again when she met with a serious accident while shooting for a Yash Raj movie in Chandigarh. The ‘Outrageous’ dame banged her head against the sharp edge of a wall. It caused a huge red bump to appear on her forehead and reportedly caused her a lot of pain.

According to sources, “Sherlyn is vivacious and bubbly by nature and does not like to sit at one place and ends up playing games after pack-up. Sherlyn is an expert at badminton and swimming. At times to unwind she plays childish games like hide and seek. Shrelyn was playing with her staff in the hotel lobby when the accident happened. She was too shocked to react initially. Sherlyn was also very conscious of the bump on her forehead.”

She apparently requested the director Anurag Singh to give her a three days break so that the bump heals. But the director suggested that she should conceal it with makeup. It was then that she agreed to shoot. Reportedly Sherlyn has vowed to only play indoor games now. Knowing Sherlyn, we already know what she means by that. Well, Sherlyn has got a small role in a decent film after pretty long. Well, she should very well make as much news as she wants right now.

~ by Yourwebseo on January 14, 2009.

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