Shahrukh: I feel very proud that I have been chosen

Shah Rukh Khan who has been invited by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will be at the award’s night. The actor spoke to CNN-IBN before the awards began.

CNN-IBN: The first time that an Indian will give away a Golden Globe Award. Excited?

Shah Rukh Khan: I was supposed to give away an award but now I am supposed to present Slumdog Millionaire which I think is even better. The film has been made in India and Anil, AR Rahman and Danny Boyle are there. I just came back from the rehearsals.

CNN-IBN: Do you regret the fact that you did not do Anil Kapoor’s role in Slumdog Millionaire? We believe it was offered to you first.

Shah Rukh Khan: No, I don’t think I would have been able to do as good as Anil has done. So I am very glad that the better actor has done it. I have seen the film and it is marvellous. All the kids are very good in the film including Dev Patel. So I don’t count what I have and what I haven’t done.

CNN-IBN: Are you expecting AR Rahman to win? There is a nomination for him as well.

Shah Rukh Khan: I have been told that there has never been an Indian who has gone on the Golden Globe stage and I really wish that today it changes. I will really be happy if Rahman wins, I will surely clap the loudest. It will also be a wonderful thing for Indian cinema if Rahman wins.

CNN-IBN: What are you looking forward to at the ceremony?

Shah Rukh Khan: Well, the people and the press have been very nice to me. They are looking at India. I feel very proud that I have been chosen because I am one of the faces of India at this point in time. But I am very unsocial and un-networking by nature so I will be just quiet. I am taking Gauri and Karan along, so hopefully they will enjoy meeting the people. I am going there because it is a good step forward for Indian cinema. Inshallah! one day one of us will make a film that will win an award here too.

CNN-IBN: Slumdog Millionaire is based on Kaun Banega Crorepati, a show that you also hosted. Does that make your presence even more exciting at the Golden Globe Awards?

Shah Rukh Khan: Yes, actually Danny had come down when I was shooting for KBC, and we discussed the film then. I had read the book long time back and I myself wanted to make it for India. But of course, the rights were with someone else. I am a big Danny fan, so I was very excited about the movie. I was very happy that he asked me to do it at one point in time but I was busy with Om Shanti Om then.

CNN-IBN: Does the film encapsulate the spirit of Mumbai?

Shah Rukh Khan: I don’t know about Mumbai but it is the story of hope, and about ordinary people reaching great heights. The film has been shot wonderfully because we normally don’t shoot films like that in India. It is a foreign person’s point of view but a very interesting one.

CNN-IBN: This may be frivolous, but what are you wearing to the awards night?

Shah Rukh Khan: Karan has chosen a black tie and a white shirt for me. I just did my trials and I think it looks very hot.

CNN-IBN: Thank you for joining us and all the very best.

Shah Rukh Khan: Thank you.

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