Katrina cannot bear Salman mingling with Asin

Katrina Kaif may have never acknowledged her love for Salman Khan but she cannot bear him mingling with any other lady. Salman and his London Dreams costar Asin are seen getting very close these days. After the success of Ghajini, Asin’s stardom has touched new heights and Salman seems to have become fond of Asin. The Bollywood hunk even celebrated his birthday with Asin while Katrina was in London.

There are more reasons for Katrina to feel insecure because of Asin. After the success of Ghajini many feel Asin might take Katrina’s place as she speaks Hindi fluently unlike Katrina who still hasn’t managed to learn the language. Katrina’s insecurity made her land on the sets of London Dreams in Chandigarh and she made sure Salman did not mingle with Asin after the shoot.

It would be better for Katrina if she would at least acknowledge her feelings for Salman and not keep the eternal bachelor of Bollywood guessing!

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~ by Yourwebseo on January 14, 2009.

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